Roots and Wings

by Erin Dalton

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released March 29, 2012

Erin Dalton - Piano, Vocals, Orchestration
Brandon Buckmaster - Violin
Matthew Primm - Viola
Sarah Stephens - Cello
David Curran - Bass
Robbie Freeman - Guitar
Jeremy Snyder - Drums
Stephen Morrison - Guitar on "Wolves"

Recorded & mixed by Jeremy Snyder
Mastered by Carl Saff
Photography by Sarah DeShields

All songs written, arranged and produced by Erin Dalton

Recorded at The Septopus in Charlotte, NC.




Erin Dalton Johnson City, Tennessee

"...Dalton's arrangements of original compositions are nothing short of inspired, while her velvet voice leads the heart down an emotional highway. "Wolves" is a relatable case of vices and demons watching for the first sign of weakness, while in "A Dusty Waltz", Dalton smoothly taunts "Dust is all I can breathe." Vastly diverse yet tasteful blending... - Joe Booher (NewFound Road - Rounder Record ... more

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Track Name: Michigan
I sat on a fence
Enjoying the view
Everything looks happy
Balanced and nothing new

It's as easy as
My favorite chair
I sleep well at night
The stars are only out at night, nothing new

Oh but you
You have taken me
And I
Am only swimming in your wide blue eyes

Oh but you
You have taken me
And I cannot recall sleeping nights

I stay here in the South
You make your way to the North
How long should I wait
How long can you wait
I search these maps so desperately
How far away is Michigan
And is it worth the risk I be fooled again

Oh but you
You have taken me
And I, oh I am terrified

Oh but you
You have taken me
Tied me to a tree
And I am scared of a wildfire

Oh but you
You have taken me
And I, oh I am terrified

Oh but you
You have taken
And this is a delicate wildfire

I sat on a fence
But I could not stay on
Nothing here is balanced
Everything is new
Track Name: A Dusty Waltz
Wait, oh wait for me
This dust is all I can breathe
You wake while I'm asleep
And make your way to the sea

I could change my mind
Tell my heart it's just not worth it the time
You can sail unknown
Or you could come back home

Wait, oh wait on me
I swear I won't fall asleep
Track Name: Escape
I don't know you, but I wish I did
I'd take back the things I haven't yet said
Learn your name, your melody
I can wait if you'll just teach me to sing

It's a daring escape
It's a daring escape from here

Know how to plan my day, but I haven't yet
We could spend it all on places not yet met
Slip away, but with no sound
Without a word to our good senses
Pay no mind to these walls
We'll learn to love without defenses

It's a daring escape
It's a daring escape from here

Maybe this is all mistake
Or much too soon to take our chances
Maybe this is another love and lose in my advances
The curse of all - it shakes my bones
That we'd miss out on what is good
I'm scared enough, but not enough
To give in to what is misunderstood

Oh and you've got your plans
And I've got mine
The words we need the most
They never seem to come to mind
You wonder of the worth of what you'll find
In an escape
A daring escape
From here
Track Name: Wolves
I tried to go into hiding
But the wolves - they always find out
They slip, silent, in dark corners
Their teeth gleam in my darkest night

I desire that bright shining gold
Even though those green eyes are staring from behind
So the problem, you see, is not naivety
But a damned stalemate
With me stuck in between

Hell and heaven met for coffee
They just couldn't decide
Which wayward direction I was pulling into
If the water I'm treading isn't good for swimming
'Cause my head's above the water
But the footing begins to falter
And the rain falls overhead

'Cause I know just what I'm doing
I watch as I fall every time
I've heard every answer before
It's easier said than done
Easier whispered on the back pew
Than shouted from an alleyway